Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask

Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask, Sheet mask is a face mask in the form of a sheet and is usually made of natural fibers, such as paper, cotton, cellulose, or pulp (pulp) from coconut. Sheet mask is a facial treatment that is often the choice of many people because it can make facial skin more moisturized, fresh, and glowing.

Its practical use also makes sheet masks more preferred than powder masks. Unfortunately, because of its practicality, many underestimate how to use a sheet mask.           

Sheet masks are not only applied to the face, here are some ways to use the correct sheet mask to maximize its function.

Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask

Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask

1. Make sure your face is ready and clean

In the sheet mask, there is an essence content that provides benefits for the skin. Therefore, before using it you must make sure your face is ready and clean.

Be ready in this case by doing double cleansing and using toner before wearing a sheet mask. The problem is, if you do not do double cleansing with micellar water, cleansing oil, or cleansing balm and continued with facial soap, then a dirty face will cause germs and dirt to stick to facial skin.

This will make the content in the sheet mask not work optimally. In addition to giving a fresh effect while preparing facial skin, the use of toner can also help the content in the sheet mask be better absorbed.

2. Store the sheet mask in the refrigerator

The sheet mask stored in the refrigerator will cool down. So that it gives a sensation of freshness to the skin when used.

If you wear a sheet mask in the morning or before activities, the refreshing effect can make facial skin more ready to use makeup. Meanwhile, if you use a sheet mask at night, the refreshing cold sensation will provide a relaxing or calming effect.

3. Pay attention to the duration of use

Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask

If you think that using a mask longer will make your face smoother, then you are wrong. Wearing a sheet mask for too long, especially to leave it overnight while sleeping, will only make the skin damaged.

In addition, the essence effect on the sheet mask can evaporate, so the skin cannot absorb its function properly. This is because the mask will dry over time, so it will attract natural moisture on the face.

For that, just use the mask according to the time recommended on the packaging. The average use of sheet masks ranges from 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask: Facial massage

Massaging the face while using a mask is useful to make the face look fresher and relaxed. In addition, this step can also help reduce wrinkles and can relieve swollen areas of the face, such as under the eyes, neck, and forehead.

You can massage the face area with a face roller or fingertips so that blood circulation is smoother. Massage the face area, especially the cheeks, nose, and forehead area so that the serum or essence contained in the sheet mask can be absorbed properly.

5. Do not throw away the remaining sheet mask left in the package

When opening the sheet mask, usually there will be a lot of leftover essence or serum left in the packaging. It’s a pity, right, if the essence in the sheet mask is wasted?

You can hold the rest of the serum or essence in a small container. Use the rest when the mask session is over.

You can also use it on the neck, hands, elbows, feet, or parts of the skin that feel dry. In this way, there will be no serum or essence left.

6. Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask: Lock with moisturizer

Skincare Steps With Sheet Mask

After the serum and essence of the sheetmask are slightly dry on the face, apply the moisturizer you usually use. Indirectly, this method will block the serum that has been absorbed by facial skin from evaporating out.

Use a sheet mask that suits your skin type and problem. Each sheet mask variant contains its own benefits for the skin.

For example, masks that contain hydrating for dry skin, brightening for a dull face, or anti-aging for skin that begins to appear signs of aging. The use of the right sheet mask according to the type or condition of the skin will be able to provide maximum results.*

7. Do not rinse

Not a few people think that after wearing a sheet mask, the face needs to be rinsed with water. In fact, what you need to do after using the maak sheet is to gently pat the face so that the remaining essence that is still on the face absorbs into the skin well.

After that you simply lock it with moisturizer. Washing your face after wearing a sheet mask will actually make the content in the mask wasted.

Benefits Of Sheet Mask For Skin

Sheet mask is one of the uphill skin care trends in the past few years. There are various benefits of using a sheet mask that you need to know.

Sheet mask itself is a sheet-shaped face mask that is usually made of paper. The sheet is added various kinds of ingredients such as vitamins, serums, or minerals that are beneficial for skin health.

This trend began in South Korea, when many celebrities of the Ginseng Country used and popularized sheet masks. This type of mask can be applied for daily use and only for one-time use.

Quoting The Every Girl, hydration is the main benefit of using a sheet mask. This type of mask is useful for moisturizing the skin with all the ingredients contained in it.*