6 Skincare Routine To Shrink Pores

Skincare Routine To Shrink Pores – Skin care to shrink pores contains various ingredients, such as retinol and niacinamide. In addition, the formulation also contains other components that can reduce the size of facial pores. Thus, the skin will look smoother, well-groomed, and free from acne problems.

There are several factors that cause facial pores to enlarge, ranging from genetic predisposition, aging, hormonal fluctuations, to skin dryness. Although not medically dangerous, this condition can interfere with appearance.

Enlarged pores tend to be easily clogged with dirt, excess oil, or bacteria, which can then trigger the appearance of acne and various other skin problems. Therefore, for those who have large pores, it is important to take care of the skin by using special care products designed to reduce the size of the pores.

Skincare Routine To Shrink Pores

Skincare, Routine, To, Shrink Pores

Skin care products to shrink pores contain certain ingredients that are effective in overcoming the problem of enlarged pores. Below are some common ingredients that are often found in such skin care products:

1. Skincare Routine To Shrink Pores: Niacinamide

For those who have dry skin with large pores, it is advisable to use skin care products containing niacinamide. This substance can increase skin moisture while shrinking pores in the face area.

Oily skin owners can also take advantage of skin care products containing niacinamide to treat oily skin problems and large pores. This content is also effective in regulating excess oil production on the face.

2. Retinol

Retinol has the ability to remove dead skin cells, which in turn can help shrink and prevent pores from becoming clogged. However, not everyone is compatible with products containing retinol, so caution is required when using them.

For those who are using retinol for the first time or have sensitive skin, it is recommended to start with retinol products that have a concentration of 0.1%.

In the early stages of use, retinol should only be used 1-2 times a week. This step aims to give the skin time to adapt first, so that the risk of skin irritation can be minimized.

3. Skincare Routine To Shrink Pores: Glycolic acid

Skincare, Routine, To, Shrink Pores

Skincare to shrink pores generally contains glycolic acid. This content belongs to the AHA group that can remove dead skin cells, so as to make the size of the pores on the face look smaller.

The effectiveness of glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells also plays an important role in preventing clogged pores. That is, the use of skincare with this content to the skin can also minimize the appearance of blackheads and acne.

4. Salicylic acid

Owners of oily skin tend to break out easily and have large pores. That way, skincare containing salilisic acid is suitable for use because it is able to open clogged pores while reducing excess oil (sebum) production on the face.

Salicylic acid is also included in the BHA group. That is, its use on the skin is also effective for removing dead skin cells and dirt on the face so as to shrink pores and prevent acne.

5. Skincare Routine To Shrink Pores: Clay

Skincare with clay or clay content, especially masks, is known to be effective in shrinking pores on the face. This is because clay is able to lift excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells on the face well so that it can indirectly shrink facial pores.

Although the content of clay can provide benefits for facial skin, its use must be done carefully, especially for owners of sensitive skin. The reason is, sensitive skin is prone to irritation or redness when using skincare with this content.*

6. Squalene

Skincare, Routine, To, Shrink Pores

In addition to dry skin, skincare with squalene content is also effective in overcoming the problem of large pores. This is because squalene is able to keep the skin moist and increase collagen production which plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity.

This makes regular use of squalene make the skin firmer. By having tight skin, the pores on the face will become smaller. This reason makes squalene can be used to overcome large pores.

You can use skincare to shrink these pores in various forms, ranging from toners, serums, moisturizers, to masks. It is important to use the skincare according to the instructions in the packaging so that its effectiveness works properly.

 To prevent allergic reactions or irritation, you are encouraged to apply the skincare to the inner elbow area first. Let it sit for 24–48 hours to see any possible reactions.

If the skin feels itchy, reddened, or swollen, you do not match the ingredients in the skincare. So, stop using and switch to other skincare that tends to be more friendly on the skin.

If you have used skincare to shrink these pores but the pores on the face still look large or other annoying skin problems arise, you should consult a doctor.

The doctor will check the health condition of your skin to provide proper treatment, including prescribing skincare to shrink pores that suit your skin condition.