9 Skincare For Pregnancy

Skincare For Pregnancy | When pregnant, don’t just choose skincare, ma’am. Some skincare ingredients can have a bad effect on the skin and disrupt the fetus. Because, hormonal changes during pregnancy make the skin become more sensitive and dry.

But you don’t need to worry, here are some local and imported brands that are safe for pregnant women. Read this article to find out what the recommendations are.  

Skincare For Pregnancy

Skincare For Pregnancy

1. Skincare For Pregnancy: The Body Shop

Another skincare that is safe for pregnant women is The Body Shop. The Body Shop is made from natural ingredients that are safe for use by pregnant women. This beauty product does not have harmful chemical ingredients so pregnant women should not hesitate to use it when pregnant and breastfeeding.

The Body Shop is famous for its skin moisturizing products, you can use this product when the skin feels dry and itchy due to hormonal changes. The fragrance of natural perfume can also improve the mood of pregnant women.

2. Skincare For Pregnancy: Mineral Botanica

Furthermore, safe skincare for pregnant women is Mineral Botanica. This product contains natural ingredients that are free from parabens and chemicals. Mineral Botanica is very famous and widely used by women because of its guaranteed safety.

Mothers can use various MIneral Botanica products such as lipstick, body lotion, facial wash, and eyeliner. These products are classified as safe and do not cause harmful effects to pregnant women and fetuses.

3. Cetaphil

Acne and dry skin are the main problems that most often target the skin of pregnant women. Unfortunately, almost all anti-acne cream products are claimed to be unsafe for pregnant women.

But no need to worry, you can try using Cetaphil as one of the beauty products for pregnant women. Cetaphil is one of the few acne creams that is safe for pregnant women and fetuses.

4. Sebamed

Another beauty product for pregnant women that you can try is Sebamed. Sebamed is a body care product that is safe for the skin of pregnant women. This product is usually used for pregnant women who are prone to dry, sensitive, and cracked skin during pregnancy.

In addition to body care products, Sebamed also provides facial moisturizing products that can hydrate facial skin well and prevent acne. By using this product, the skin will feel more supple and moisturized.*

5. Skincare For Pregnancy : Mama’s Choice

Skincare For Pregnancy

Mama’s Choice is a beauty product for pregnant women that is safe and harmless for pregnant women and fetuses. This product is specially formulated for mothers so that it is more friendly for the skin of pregnant women who tend to be sensitive and dry.

Mama’s Choice has a maximum hydration effect so that it can make the skin more supple and soft. There is also SPF 24 PA ++ content in sunscreen products that make pregnant women’s skin well protected.

6. Skincare For Pregnancy: Emina

Skincare for pregnant women that is suitable for use because of its high level of safety is Emina. This product offers various types of cosmetics that are safe for pregnant women to use and easy to use.

Mothers can easily get this product because Emina is sold freely in the market. Emina is proven to be practical and free from harmful substances so that it can be used during the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

7. Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals is a local cosmetic product originating from Bali. This product contains natural and natural ingredients so it is suitable for use by pregnant women.

Mothers can choose skin care products that suit their skin type, ranging from normal, oily, to dry. Its gentle formula and non-contamination with chemicals make Sensatia Botanicals suitable as a daily beauty product during pregnancy.

8. Avoskin

Avoskin is one of the local skincare that also has several skincare products that are safe for use by pregnant women. Most Avoskin products have been clinically tested safe for pregnant women.

Some variants of Avoskin that can be used by pregnant women are Natural Sublime Facial Cleanser, Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence, Intensive Nourishing Eye Cream.*

Safe Skin Care Ingredients for Pregnant Women

Skincare For Pregnancy

1. Glycolic acid

Pregnant women may need skincare to get rid of acne or reduce hyperpigmentation (tanned patches on the skin). To overcome these skin problems, you can use one of the AHA groups, namely glycolic acid.   However, pregnant women should choose skincare products with glycolic acid content of less than seven percent.

2. Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid or salicylic acid is included in the list of skincare ingredients that do not harm pregnancy. This BHA group serves to reduce oil on the surface of the face and clean the pores.

However, when choosing a facial soap during pregnancy with salicylic acid content, be sure to look for one that contains less than two percent.

3. Niacinamide

Hormonal acne is one of the problems often faced by pregnant women. To overcome this, you can use skincare with niacinamide content. Niacinamide includes skincare content that is safe for pregnant women because this active ingredient is one form of vitamin B3.

Even so, choose niacinamide products less than 5% so as not to be too sensitive skin of pregnant women.

4. Kojic acid

Dull skin during pregnancy? Kojic acid or kojik acid can be one of the powerful skincare ingredients to overcome it. This skincare ingredient is made from various types of mushrooms. The way it works is by inhibiting tyrosinase, a compound that plays a role in melanin production in the skin.

Kojic acid can be found in facial soaps, moisturizers, and serums. Make sure the product you buy contains less than 1% kojic acid.

5. Titanium dioxide

As one of the skincare ingredients that are safe for owners of sensitive skin, titanium dioxide is also safe to use during pregnancy. One skincare product that contains titanium dioxide is sunscreen or sunscreen.

In sunscreen, titanium dioxide serves to ward off UVA and UVB rays. This product is safe to use because it has a low risk of irritation.