10 Skincare Set For Women

Skincare Set For Women is a series to do skin care, both facial and body skin for women. Skincare is actually needed by every human being, both men and women to provide comprehensive care on the body and face. The series is not only facial soap and serum, but also toner, moisturizer or moisturizer, hand body lotion, and others.

The use of skincare, especially for women should be applied every day. This is because skincare serves to provide care for the skin. Moreover, women’s skin tends to be sensitive, maybe even often polished with makeup products, as a result the skin is easily oily, dry, and acne.

Diligent in using skincare at least in the morning and at night brings many benefits. These benefits, among others, are perfectly hydrated skin, provide optimal moisture, prevent premature aging, control excess oil, and prevent dry skin.

Skincare Set For Women

Skincare Set For Women

1. Skincare Set For Women: Face Cleansing Soap

Facial cleansing soap is classified as one of the basic skincare series. The function of facial soap is to clean the dirt that sticks to the face while controlling excess oil.

Not only that, washing your face makes the skin fresher and not shiny. In fact, makeup products become easier to stick. Therefore, you must have this skincare product.

Washing your face is done at least twice a day, namely in the morning before the move and the night before going to bed to remove all the dirt left over from all day activities. Choose facial soap according to your skin type and condition.

2. Skincare Set For Women: Micellar Water

The next skincare list that women must have is micellar water. This product is a must-have because most women like to dress up, so it cannot be separated from makeup. So, the existence of micellar water is useful for removing the remaining dirt, dust, and even makeup that is still attached to the face.

Micellar water is a series in basic skincare. So actually, it’s not enough to clean your face just relying on facial soap. Because there must still be dirt left around the pores of the face.

Using micellar water is very easy. Pour enough on a cleaning swab, then wipe it on the face and neck to remove the remaining dirt, dust, and makeup products. Repeat several times until clean.

3. Skincare Set For Women: Face Toner

Skincare Set For Women

Facial toner is also a must-have for women. The function of toner is not only to hydrate the skin before applying makeup, but also to refresh the skin after makeup is removed and during sleep.

The existence of toner is often ignored because it is considered not too important. In fact, another benefit of toner is to maximize the absorption of other skincare products, namely serums, essences, and moisturizers or moisturizers. At least, use this product twice a day, namely morning and night before going to bed.

How to use toner is similar to micellar water. After the face has been thoroughly cleansed, pour toner into the kepas to taste, then wipe it on the face and neck. It doesn’t have to be cotton, you can wear it by patting gently on the face and neck.*

4. Facial Moisturizer or Moisturizer

Another important and must-have skincare list for women is a facial moisturizer or moisturizer. This moisturizer must be owned by every woman because it serves to care for facial skin, provide maximum moisture, and make makeup products easy to stick.

On facial skin tends to be oily and acne, moisturizer or moisturizer has a role to control excess oil. So even if it moisturizes, it will not make the face of the oil refinery later.

While on dry skin, moisturizer is useful for providing extra moisture. In addition, it also plays a role in nourishing facial skin to the deepest layer to prevent it from drying out again.

Diligently using moisturizers makes the skin avoid premature aging. Because, moisturizers are able to restore facial suppleness so that they are not easily wrinkled and sagging at a young age.

5. Face Serum

Next, the list of mandatory skincare for women is serum. Serum is a skin care product that is usually packaged in small bottles, contains active ingredients, light texture, and does not contain oil. Its function depends on the type, for example brightening, hydrating, reducing acne, controlling excess oil, shrinking pores, and so on.

Face serum is not mandatory to use every day. But if you have certain skin problems, such as acne, striped, dry, and so on, then you must use it at least once or twice a day.

The content of active ingredients in serum such as vitamins, collagen, and others is good for the face. Even though you don’t use serum every day, you should never ignore other basic skincare such as facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers to avoid various skin problems.

6. Lip Moisturizer

Skincare Set For Women

Lip moisturizers include a series of mandatory women’s skincare. The benefits of often using lip moisturizer are to prevent it from drying and chapped while making the texture softer.

In addition, moisturizers are good to use before applying lipstick. The goal is that lipstick can stick perfectly and not easily cause lips to become dry or chapped.

Using lip moisturizer before going to bed also has benefits that are no less good for treating the health of lip skin. So when you wake up in the morning, it feels more moist and soft.

7. Sunscreen

Some women may still ignore the use of sunscreen or sunscreen. In fact, sunscreen is very important to protect the skin from the bad effects of sunlight that results in premature aging, dark spots, stripes, and burning if too long outdoors or under the hot sun.

The use of sunscreen is done in the morning or afternoon when you want to move, especially if doing outdoor activities. During activity, sunscreen may wear off due to sweat, water, or other factors. So, the application is better done at least once every four hours to be able to ward off the adverse effects of sunlight more optimally.

8. Mascara

Mascara may not be a skincare range. But this thing is a must-have for every woman. The function of mascara is to beautify the appearance of eyelashes, thus making them more supple and looking longer.

9. Foundation

Foundation includes makeup products that must be owned by women. Besides being useful for covering dark spots on the face, some foundations or foundations also have the benefit of moisturizing the skin to stay well hydrated.

10. Body Lotion

Don’t forget lotions to treat body skin! The importance of lotion is not only as a moisturizer, but to protect the skin of the hands and feet from the bad effects of sunlight, prevent stripes, dryness, and burning due to being outdoors for too long.