Skincare Routine For Men to Achieving Flawless Skin

Skincare Routine For Men is a series of procedures for using skincare regularly properly and correctly according to the needs of the skin for men. Skincare for men is still considered taboo by most men because it is synonymous with women’s efforts to beautify themselves. In fact, that assumption is obviously very wrong!

Apart from aesthetic purposes, skincare can help maintain healthy skin and minimize adverse environmental influences. This applies not only to women, but also men.

Reporting from Reflect Skin, skincare for men can help prevent bacteria, the bad influence of weather / pollution, and the possibility of dangerous diseases such as cancer.

The good news, the skincare sequence for men is not as complicated as the female care step because the structure of the male epidermis is thicker and resistant to pollution. Let’s see the full explanation!

Skincare Routine For Men

Skincare Routine For Men
Skincare Routine For Men

Reporting from GQ, skincare for beginner men actually only consists of three steps. However, some people may need additional steps due to certain skin conditions.

For example, oily skin needs different products and types of care than normal skin. You may also need special treatment when experiencing irritation or acne problems.

Therefore, recognizing skin conditions is the main thing to know before choosing a product and starting a care routine.

So what are the order of male skincare? Which steps are mandatory and cannot be abandoned? Let’s see the full explanation below!

1. [MANDATORY] Skincare Routine For Men: Clean Your Face Every Day

What are the basic skincare for beginners? Launching the GQ page, the first thing you should do is clean your face at least twice a day, after waking up in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Washing your face in the morning not only helps you feel more refreshed and energized, but also helps expel dirt and sweat that accumulates in the skin layers during sleep.

Meanwhile, cleansing your face before going to bed helps prevent pore blockages that can cause various skin problems, especially acne and irritation.

Use a facial wash that suits your skin type. According to the Cleveland Clinic, you should avoid using bar soap because it can damage the balance of oil levels and skin pH.

Cleansing products in the form of creams are suitable for dry and sensitive skin. While owners of oily and combination skin are advised to use foaming cleanser.

2. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Skincare Routine For Men: Exfoliating/Scrubbing

Exfoliation is a deeper cleansing with the aim of cleansing the skin to the pores. Then what is the difference with ordinary face wash?

In fact, even though you have cleaned your face every day, piles of dead skin cells are often left behind and accumulate on the surface of the skin.

This condition will make the skin dull and grow various problems, including acne. In addition, piles of dirt can also reduce skin absorption of skincare.

We recommend that you routinely exfoliate twice a week. But if you have certain conditions, such as oily face or a lot of UV exposure, this step can be done more often.

In addition, also pay attention to the skincare content for the guy you use. The content of salicylic acid in the product is recommended for acne-prone faces.

Exfoliating products are quite diverse, ranging from physical scrubs which are usually in the form of granules to chemical exfoliants that are capable of members.

3. [REQUIRED] Moisturizer

Skincare Routine For Men

Using a moisturizer or facial moisturizer, is one of the mandatory things in the skincare routine for men. Although it sounds cliché, but believe that this step is very important.

Moisturizer is not only for those who have oily skin. Its content is also very important to maintain skin condition. Here are some of the benefits according to GQ:

• Maintains water and moisture content so it is important for dry skin.

• Helps repair the skin barrier so that it helps the skin healthier.

• The active ingredients in moisturizers can help improve certain skin conditions as long as they are used properly.

Today’s moisturizer products also contain SPF which helps ward off the adverse effects of UV rays and adverse environmental influences.

The use of moisturizer as skincare for men can be done after cleansing the face. If you are using serum, then do this step afterwards.

4. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Hydrating Shaving Cream

The use of razors has the potential to injure the skin, triggering irritation and inflammation. To be safer, you should use shaving cream during the shaving process.

This step will make the shaving process more comfortable because it lowers the risk of skin injury due to the blade. Choose products that contain hydrators so that the face does not dry.*

5. [REQUIRED] Sunscreen

Skincare Routine For Men

Sunscreen is the last step of the entire skincare routine for men. Before wearing sunscreen, make sure you have used all the necessary care products.

Use sunscreen with an SPF content of at least 30 every morning before activity. For maximum protection, reapply every few hours. What the heck does it do?

• As a protective layer of the skin from UV exposure and adverse environmental influences.

• Acts as a barrier so that the skincare used works well and is not damaged by environmental exposure.

• Helps lower the risk of sunburn and uneven skin tone.

• Some sunscreen products also provide protection from bluelight (radiation that comes from gadgets).

• Regular use according to the instructions will help lower the risk of various problems, such as excess oil, acne, irritation, and signs of aging.

Exposure to UV rays from the sun not only causes dull skin, but also accelerates premature aging, causes fine lines, and even causes serious problems including cancer.

Therefore, the use of sunscreen is a routine that should not help fight the adverse effects of UV exposure and adverse environmental influences.

6. [OPTIONAL] Additional Care

In addition to the steps above, there are several skincare routines for men that are optional. If you want to get maximum results, you can also do the following steps:

• Serum (before moisturizer) is highly recommended if you don’t have certain problems, choose products with hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin.

• Eye cream (before moisturizer) can be an option to help disguise dark circles around the eyes.

• Face masks at least once a week can help nourish the skin and clean the remaining dirt that does not fade when using the cleanser.

Spot Treatment (before using a moisturizer) may be needed if you have dark spots, acne scars, spots, or signs of premature aging.

• Toner (after washing your face) can help balance the pH of the skin. Highly recommended for oily faces or have certain conditions.

Skincare for men that is optional is basically not much different from the steps taken by girls. The difference is in the composition of the product, according to the condition of the skin.

So what are the basic skin care for teenagers? Not just for aesthetics, its use is also very important to maintain a healthy skin condition longer.