10 Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars

Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars | Who is happy with the emergence of acne on the face even to leave scars? Surely no one is happy about it because it is very disturbing appearance, especially the face.

Not infrequently, the presence of acne with scars can reduce the level of confidence in someone, so they will choose to cover their face with a mask or even reluctant to leave the house. Moreover, if the acne that appears is inflamed to redness, surely the next days will potentially cause dark spots as a sign of acne scars.

Today, most people, including men and women, have realized the importance of using skincare. Especially in this sophisticated era, skincare products have become more innovative by presenting toxic ingredients for all facial problems, including acne scars.

Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars

Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars

1. Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars: Emina Bright Stuff

As the name implies, facial wash targeted at teenagers can also be a skincare recommendation to remove acne scars. Yep, this product contains cinnamon bark extract so it is very effective for removing excess oil on the face. Remember that the main cause of acne appearing on the face is the oil that is on the skin, especially for owners of oily face types.

Not only that, Emina Facial Wash is also equipped with ingredients in the form of summer plum extract and double brightening powder which is claimed to be able to brighten the skin and disguise black spots due to acne scars.

For you who have sensitive skin, there is no need to worry because this product is free of parabens and alcohol. But for owners of dry skin types, this product is not suitable because it will give a dry and harsh effect after use.

2. Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars: Cetaphil Gentle Skin

For those of you who want to maintain facial hygiene while saving money, you can try this one skincare product.

The reason is, this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser skincare product can not only remove stubborn acne scars, but also multifunctional to be used as a makeup remover too, you know! Quite a lot of skin health experts recommend using this product because of its gentle formula that minimizes irritation.

This product contains anti-bacterial so that it can summarize large pores to remove acne scars so they don’t come back again. Moreover, there is a hypoallergenic formula that will not cause allergic symptoms on the face.

3. Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars: Senka Perfect Whip

This skincare product from Japan turns out to have many fans, you know because the claims they give have proven to be true. Especially as a skincare to remove acne scars, Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care can be the answer. Yep, as the name implies, this facial wash product has more ability to control oil so that the face will remain soft.

The presence of several ingredients such as chamomile extract, white cocoon, and white hyaluronic acid will definitely help your face “lose” acne scars while protecting from free radicals. Unfortunately, this product is not suitable for owners of sensitive facial skin types because it contains perfume and alcohol.

4. ElsheSkin Acne Cleansing

Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars

For those of you who have sensitive skin and oily skin who want to get rid of stubborn acne scars, try this ElsheSkin Acne Cleansing Wash product. Besides being able to clean the remaining dirt, both dust and makeup on the face, it also turns out to reduce the appearance of new acne. Yep, considering that we always have to routinely double cleansing so that the face remains clean.

5. Nivea Men Deep

As the name implies, of course this skincare product to remove acne scars is intended for men.

Yes, this facial wash is intended to clean the face from acne problems, blackheads, to acne scars. In addition, this Nivea Men Deep Acne Attack Facial Wash product also contains Himalayan salt grains, so it can help cleanse the face optimally and is safe to use every day.

6. L’Oreal Men Expert

Skincare to get rid of acne for men that can be tried is L’Oreal Men Expert White Activ Bright + Oil Control. Besides being able to clean dirt and disguise blackheads, this facial wash can also clean the face thoroughly and is specially formulated for male skin.

7. Garnier Men Turbo

The Garnier brand not only releases skincare products for women, but also men. One of the most popular products is the Garnier Men variant Turbo Light Oil Control, which as the name implies must be to overcome the problem of excess oil and blackheads on men’s faces, including acne scars.

Not only that, this Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil product also contains lemon extract so that it makes the face look cleaner and brighter.

8. Mineral Botanica Acne

Skincare Routine To Remove Acne Scars

Besides being able to soothe acne scars, this Mineral Botanica Acne Care toner is also claimed to eliminate acne and dead skin cells, you know… Given the content of salicylic acid that can control excess oil on the face, so this toner product is suitable for Grameds owners of oily or sensitive facial skin types. So that the effect can be felt, use it every day.*


This toner seems to have no doubt about its efficacy. In addition to acting as an exfoliating toner, COSRX AHA / BHA Clarifying Treatment can also be a skincare to remove acne scars, especially with the main ingredients in the form of AHA and BHA.

The benefits of this miraculous toner not only remove dead skin cells, but also prevent the appearance of blackheads, repair the skin barrier, and many others.

10. Benton Aloe BHA

Skincare to remove acne scars is then in the form of toner from Benton Aloe BHA Skin. Contains snail extract which is believed to be effective in terms of curing facial skin problems, including acne scars. Since this toner also contains BHA, of course it can be useful for cleaning facial pores, removing dead skin cells, to even out facial skin tone.

For those of you who have sensitive facial skin types, take it easy because this skincare product also contains aloe vera so it is free from any allergic effects.