5 Skincare Routine Steps For Beginners, Unlock Skin’s Potential

Skincare Routine Steps For Beginners is a sequence of steps to use skincare correctly and well for regular skincare use. Skincare or facial care is one of the essential things for humans, especially for those who want glowing skin.

The use of skincare can maintain healthy skin, make facial skin avoid various problems such as dull skin to premature aging.

However, that does not mean only those who want glowing skin or women who need to use skincare. Men are also advised to wear skincare, especially those who live in areas with pollution levels and extreme weather that risks damaging the skin.

The use of skincare is not only intended for adults, even children in adolescence who enter puberty also need skincare to prevent skin problems such as acne or bumps.

Well, to get healthy and glowing facial skin does not require complicated skincare, really. For beginners, just start from the most basic skin care series.

Skincare Routine Steps for combination skin

Skincare Routine Steps for combination skin
skincare routine



The use of skincare should not be careless. There are stages that need to be done so that facial skin care is more optimal and gives the desired results. Reported by the Healthline page, here are five basic stages of skincare for beginners.

1. Skincare Routine Steps For Beginners: Cleanser

The first stage, namely using a cleanser with face wash or facial cleansing soap to clean facial skin from dust, traces of makeup, and pollution so that pores are not clogged. For maximum results, you can do double cleansing. Double cleansing is a series of cleansing the face with two stages and two different ingredients.

In the first stage usually use oil (cleansing oil), milk (milk cleanser), or water (micellar water) to clean the face from makeup. Then, in the second double cleansing stage, just use face wash or facial cleansing soap.

2. Skincare Routine Steps For Beginners: Toner

Toner is the second stage of basic skincare that functions to remove residual cosmetics and excess oil, balance skin pH levels, help nourish the skin, and prepare the skin for the next stage of skincare. The type of toner is divided into two, namely hydrating toner and exfoliating toner.

Hydrating toner serves to moisturize the skin and make the skin feel fresher. While exfoliating toner is useful for removing dead skin cells.*

3. Serum

Benefits of Routine Use of Skincare
skincare routine

The third basic skincare stage is serum. Serum is very important for facial skin, you can adjust the use of serum from its content with skin problems.

Before using serum, pay attention to the type you will use. Because, there are many variants of serum on the market, adjusting to various skin types. There are types of serums to treat dark spots on the face, serums that moisturize facial skin, reduce excess oil, prevent premature aging, and so on.

4. Moisturizer

The next stage is moisturizer or moisturizer. The use of moisturizers can help control oil production, smooth skin texture, and improve the health of the skin’s protective layer.

Choosing the right type of moisturizer is also important, for oily skin owners use a moisturizer that is light and easy to absorb such as water-based or gel. As for dry skin owners can use a heavier moisturizer to provide extra moisturizer such as cream.

To maximize skin care, you can also consult an expert or doctor to find out the type of skin to match the product used.

5. Sunscreen

The last stage and the main key to basic skincare is sunscreen or sunscreen. Sunscreen that must be used regularly every morning is very important to protect the skin from the sun. This is because the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can adversely affect the skin such as dry skin, prevent skin cancer, sunburn (sunburn), and premature aging.-

Benefits of Routine Use of Skincare

Benefits, of, Routine, Use, of, Skincare
skincare routine

After knowing the stages of using skincare, maybe some users will find the stages quite troublesome. Some people are also reluctant to apply skincare for this reason. However, do not immediately disappointed and never use skincare. Because there are many benefits of routinely doing basic skincare. Arbitrary? Here’s the explanation.

1. Maintain Moisture and Skin Health

From applying basic skincare regularly every day can build the foundation of the skin to stay nourished, moisturized, and healthy. Nourished facial skin will certainly look healthier, fresher, and more glowing.

Skin moisture is the water content in the skin. Skin moisture is the result of a balance between fluids that enter and exit the skin, especially SC. outer layer and about 30% on deeper layers. SC to less than 10% will cause the skin to look scaly, rough, and dry.

2. Overcoming Skin Problems

Skin problems can arise due to various factors. However, with basic skincare, you can overcome various skin problems. Starting from acne, bumps, wrinkles, controlled fine lines, to black spots.

3. Prevents Skin Problems

The last benefit is that the application of basic skincare can also help prevent the emergence of skin problems in the future. This is because skin health will always be maintained and nourished.